Welcome To H5 Chit-Chat

H5 Hasher running

H5 Hasher running

Here’s a place you can ramble on about hashing in general, and H5 in particular. Don’t be shy – start blogging

Always check out the H5 website at http://www.h5hashers.org.uk for the latest news from H5 land

H5 are the Hare & Hounds Hash House Harriers and are based in Bedfordshire, England. They run every week throughout the year in the Bedfordshire and Herdfordshire area.



  1. What a fantastic idea.
    We can all add our comments to this wonderful H5 blog.
    I’d like to say what a brilliant blog this is and apologise for not using much text-style shorthand and, well, ask a question – not aimed at this blog but perhaps at blogging generally.

    What’s the point?

    On On

  2. After less than 6 months I’ve had another thought about this super wizard blogging idea that I’d like to share with all you wonderful blogging type people out there.

    No seriously, what is the point?

    Or do you think that’s just a bit too similar to my first question and not really a thought at all?

    Ah, well. Speak to you in the fall.

    On On

  3. Rapid Withdrawal said

    Though I would add to the thread (note use of interweb thingy terminology).
    Surprising that there is not more on this blog given that people never shut up when they ar eon the Hash.
    Still never mind.
    Nothing else to say really, but that’s blogging. Or is it Twitter ?

  4. Shaggy said

    Great idea, what is a blog?

  5. Shaggy said

    What a great run last night, could not think of anything better to do on a Monday night.

  6. That is blogging, Rapid my ole china.
    A lot slower and a lot more clumbersome than even my running.
    And it’s not as much fun having a pint afterwards.

    I’m giving up.

    Might try twittering.

    Or is that just as bad?

    Don’t bother to answer …….

  7. Bell End said

    Blog, eh, what?

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